New Field Ops+Music Catalog! 7/19

July 19, 2010

Hey Guys!

New field ops today!

Just head over to the recycling center and visit that little computer in the corner. Today though, that room has been a hot-spot, so be sure that if you want smooth, quick game play, just push the minus (-) button on your keyboard for low quality. Low Quality= Faster speed.

Also today, we have the new, drumroll please… Music catalog! It’s at the lighthouse. It’s filled with instruments like the guitar and brass. It’s also filled with NO CHEATS. It’s only one page, but hopefully it will be updated in the future. Tell us what kind of instruments you want to see in the catalog in the comments!

See ya!

Your one and only,

Violin Playa


New HQ!!!

June 12, 2010

Hey Penguins,
Sorry for the extreme delay, but now that summers here, get ready for the most up to date info you can get, complete with full size new room images, sounds, and all kinds of new, fun , interactive updates! Enjoy!

Anywho, the new HQ, the “EPF”(Elite Penguin Force) HQ as they call it looks like this:

Pardon the foreign languages…

To get into the EPF HQ though, you need to pass a test at the Everyday Phoning Facility! It looks like this:

So, get on out there and join the EPF! Be sure to check out your new phone!

Your one and only,

Violin Playa


January 25, 2010

Construction 1Construction 1Construction 1Construction 1

Site will have its Grand “Re-Opening” On TBA

New Rooms!

January 24, 2010

Hey Guys!

Three new rooms opened (one is member only) so, Check ’em out!

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January 15, 2010

Please refer to CP nonsense for all of your Club Penguin Discussions.

Penguin Generation

December 24, 2009

Penguin Generation is an online game that My friends and I are Creating. It has the Past (the Good Old Times) Of ClubPenguin, And a new Club Penguin.

Penguin Generation is a MMORPG which involves a virtual world that contains a wide range of online games, activites, and other cool things, developed by Penguin Generation Entertainment. Using 3D penguins as avatars, players waddle around, chat, play tons of cool minigames, and are also able to participate in a number of other cool events such as scavanger hunts.

If you have any questions, go to The Penguin Generation F.A.Q. Page

We are currently working on a TEST (as of 12/13/09) and hope to have it up on the web soon. It will be posted on

~Lil Potts
PenguinGeneration Team

New Catalog and Christmas Party!

December 22, 2009

Hello Penguins!
Sorry for no pictures, in a bit of a rush. Anywho, this week we have a new catalogs and a CHRISTMAS PARTY!

So, to get the Santa Hat just visit the ski village and here are  the Decmeber catologs!




Your one and only,

Violin Playa

BY THE WAY- We have out a new site- Club Penguin Nonsense- Discuss all your Club Penguin related topics- Enjoy!